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FB Accounts | [PVA] The accounts were registered in 2023. number of friends 500+ (friends & followers). Female gender. The accounts are verified through SMS (number starts with +1). There is email address in the set. An avatar is added to a profile. The accounts are registered with USA IP.
Price for 1 Piece : 5

Detailed Facebook Account Specifications 🇺🇸📱

  • Friends: Profile has 500 Friends and followers

  • Verification: Every account is verified using real USA SIM SMS (+1).

  • Registration: Each Facebook account is Outlook/hotmail verified.

  • Profile Details: Profile and cover photos have been set up.

  • Primary Location: Primary location is USA.

  • Name Format: The account name is set in English alphabets.

  • Cookies: Base64 encoded cookies are included in the package. To decode cookies, visit: Base64 Decode, paste the Base64 cookies, and click decode.

  • 2 Factor Authentication: Enabled. To get your 2FA code, visit: and paste the 2FA code.

    How to Get Your 2FA Code

    Follow these simple steps to generate your OTP (One-Time Password):

    1. Visit Open your web browser and go to

    2. Locate Your Secret Key: Find the secret key provided to you during the setup of your two-factor authentication. This key is crucial for generating your OTP.

    3. Enter the Secret Key: On the website, you will see a text box labeled "Enter your secret key here." Paste your secret key into this box.

    4. Generate OTP: Click the "Generate OTP" button. The website will immediately generate a one-time password (OTP) for you.

    5. Use Your OTP: Copy the OTP provided by and use it to complete your authentication process on our website.

    Note: Each OTP is valid for a limited time, usually 30 seconds. Make sure to use it promptly.

  • 📺 How to get 2FA code, check out our tutorial: YouTube Tutorial

  • 📺 For a guide on converting Base64 cookies to JSON, check out our tutorial: YouTube Tutorial

Account Format

Facebook Email: Facebook Password: Email Password: Facebook profile ID

Important Notes

  • Wrong Credentials Error: If you are trying to log in to your Facebook account using your username and password and you receive an error message stating "wrong password" or "wrong credentials," please ensure that you are using IP addresses from the same country. We recommend using mobile IPs or a reliable proxy server for logging in. For example, if you have purchased a USA Facebook account, make sure you are using a USA proxy to log in.

  • Cookies Login: If you are attempting to log in using cookies (in Chrome or Firefox), and after decoding the cookies and pasting them into the cookies editor extension, automatic login is not working, please consider using an antidetect browser. Paste the cookies into the antidetect browser, and you should experience automatic login.