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FB Accounts | [PVA] The accounts were registered in 2022. Number of friends 2000+ (friends and followers). Female gender. The accounts are verified through SMS (number starts with +1). There is email address in the set. An avatar is added to a profile. The accounts are registered with USA IP.
Price for 1 Piece : 10

Detailed Facebook Account Specifications 🇺🇸📱


🔹Friends: Profile have 2000+ Friends and follower 

🔹 Verification: Every account is verified using real USA SIM SMS (+1).

🔹 Authentic Registration: Each Facebook account is handcrafted.

🔹 Profile Details: Profile and cover photos have been set up.

🔹 Email Verification: Each account is email-verified. Email credentials provided.

🔹 Location Details: Registration was done via a USA IP.

🔹Primary Location: Primary location is USA

🔹 Name Format: The account name is set in English alphabets.

🔹 Cookies: Base64 encoded cookies are included in the package.


📺 For a guide on converting Base64 cookies to JSON, check out our tutorial:


📌 Account Format:

Facebook Email:Facebook Password:Email Password:Phone:2fa code:Fb id:Cookies


⚠️ Important Note: Before utilizing the account, download and save the profile photo to your computer. This can be instrumental for account recovery in cases of self-identification.