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Bumble Accounts | The accounts are registered by IOS Iphone. Verified by using USA ( +1 ) phone number. Facebook account linkedin to the accounts
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  1. Open Bumble App: Launch the Bumble app on your mobile device. Make sure you have the app installed and updated to the latest version.

  2. Tap on Login with Facebook: On the Bumble login screen, you should see an option to log in with Facebook. Tap on this option.

  3. Facebook Authentication: Bumble will prompt you to authenticate your Facebook account. Enter your Facebook credentials (username/email and password) and tap on "Log In."

  4. Authorize Bumble: After logging in to Facebook, you"ll be asked to authorize Bumble to access certain information from your Facebook account. This may include your name, profile picture, email address, and other details. Tap on "Continue" or "Authorize" to grant Bumble access.

  5. Access Bumble: Once you"ve authorized Bumble, you"ll be redirected back to the Bumble app. You should now be logged in using your Facebook account.

  6. Set Up Bumble Profile (if needed): If it"s your first time logging in to Bumble or if you haven"t completed your profile yet, you may be prompted to set up your profile. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete your profile setup.

  7. Start Using Bumble: Now that you"re logged in, you can start using Bumble to connect with people, explore matches, and use other features of the app.