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FB Accounts | Activated Business Managers, acceptable for ads. Verified by USA REAL SIM SMS (+1) The accounts are registered May 31, 2023. Verified by email (email included). An avatar is added to a profile. Fanpage created. 2FA in the set. Cookies are included is the package. Registered from USA IP.
Price for 1 Piece : 25

Facebook Account Description:

  • Type: Handmade registration.
  • Registration Date: Can be located under "Action Log" in account settings. Accounts registered in May 31, 2023.
  • Business Managers: Business Managers activated, suitable for ad campaigns.
  • Verification: Id card verified Business manager
  • Verified through genuine USA SIM SMS (+1).
  • Email verification complete (included with account).
  • IP Source: Accounts originated from USA IP addresses.
  • Profile Details:
  • The account"s first and last names can vary and might not match the registration country.
  • Profile includes an avatar. A Fanpage is created.
  • Security & Extras:
  • To access the 2FA security code, go to and paste the 2FA key.
  • Watch video 📺 How to get 2fa code, check out our tutorial:

Important: Before utilizing the account, save the profile photo to your PC. It"s beneficial for account recovery in case of self-identification issues.

Facebook Email:facebook Password:Email password:2Fa code

Our accounts are guaranteed for 3 days until you log in. If an account is not working or gets banned before you log in, we will provide a refund. However, once a purchase is made, all sales are final. After logging in, you bear full responsibility for the account"s use, and our support team cannot assist with subsequent steps